Minh has a commitment to quality teaching. He inspires and motivates his students to leave their own comfort zones when possible, and discover their own world of possibilities.

Playing Guitar (or any other instrument) is a journey full of countless small steps, taking each step at a time, one at a time, this is simply a way of life for the diligent guitarist. Culminating moments of successful performances are rewarding and celebrated….However accepting the daily obstacles of technical exercises to develop and improve yourself is crucial. There are no short cuts for anything of lasting value. If you want to achieve a certain level, this comes at a price.

Today, more than ever, we need to learn how to listen, not only to other people around us but also to sounds around us and to develop a discerning intelligent ear.

This will apply to your music practice on a daily. The more you can hear yourself, the more you will know what to correct and what to improve.

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